Custom Advertising Inflatables

Say it Big for Your Brand or Event with Custom Cold Air Advertising Balloons!

Inside Out Promotions not only has inflatables for rent, but we can also custom-build your very own Giant Advertising Balloon tailored to your brand, store, or idea! If you need help with the technical details, let us know that you're interested in a custom advertising balloon!

Below are just a few examples of giant custom inflatable advertisements »

Custom-Made Giant Advertising Balloons For Purchase

Giant advertising balloons or cold air inflatable balloons are available in sizes ranging from 6’ Tall to 80’ Tall. They are available in a number of standard stock shapes or can be custom designed to look like your; mascot, logo, product, packaging, etc. Inflatable balloons can be produced for one event/tour or to last for 200-300 event days under normal conditions and maintenance.  Inside Out Promotions can help you design, produce and manage your inflatable(s).

A national restaurant chain draws 80% of their business from a 3-5 mile radius of their store locations.  Store locations that display a cold air inflatable replica of their main product increase sales at these stores 17-50% depending on location.