Outdoor Banners

Inexpensive and effective, outdoor banners are a great way to bring your message outside your location!

Inside Out Promotions works with a number of suppliers offering the widest array of sign and banner products available in the marketplace. From already designed stock signs and banners to custom designed, fabricated and printed options.

Below are just a few examples of the outdoor banners »

Flat Banners (Wall or Street)

With the advancement of print technology and digital machines banners are printed, most of the time. With 2-5 year UV inks and improved materials banners have a very long life expectancy when installed properly. Banners can be produced at literally any size, but will normally require seems every 5', 6' or 10' depending on the size of the printing device and the available material widths. 

Boulevard  Banners/Pole Banners

Light pole banners can offer a classy look for a park or city or can be used to bring the retail message closer to traffic to draw in passing consumers.


  • Single or double-sided, back-to-back display
  • Single or double-sided, side-by-side display

Banner Hardware/Frames

Most of the time banners can be hung or installed without a frame system. If done properly, they can look good. If not, you end up with banner installed on string that stretches and no good way to get the banner tight. What do you think poorly installed, saggy banners say about your brand and service?

Building Systems:

  • Permanent Mount Roof-Line Systems - Allows for easy, professional looking banner installation each time.
  • Temporary Mount Roof-Line System - This lightweight aluminum adjustable frame clamps to the parapet wall around the roofline. This frame offers a professional, building-safe way to display your promotional banners. 
  • Temporary Window Mount - If all else fails and there is no good way to install a banner at your location, let’s go to the window. With our revolutionary suction cup system we can display up to 10 lbs of message.
  • Wall Mount - Semi-Permanent and Permanent options are available for your outdoor promotional Banners.

In-Ground Systems:

Available in many different materials and sizes, these banner frames are temporarily staked into the ground to ensure that your temporary banner display does not get blow away by high winds. Frame systems provide a professional way to display your message.

Weighted Base Systems:

Designed for optimum look and maximum portability, these weighted base banner systems are great for short outdoor promotions and events where you want to get strong graphic impact.

Vertical Frame - Single or Double Sided

Sizes available are 22 to 39 inches adjustable width and 54 to 78 inches adjustable height

Retractable - Single or Double Sided

Sizes available are 31.5" Wide x 78.75-86.75" Tall

Banner Materials:

  • Outdoor Vinyl Mesh - 30% or 50% perforation
  • 10 oz. or 13 oz. Outdoor Vinyl - Woven or Knitted Polyester, Nylon, Duck Cloth, Canvas

Banner Print Technology:

  • Short Run (1-25 banners) - Printed on CMYK Digital Printer
  • Large Run (25+) - Screen Printed

Looking for custom banners for inside?

Please visit our Indoor Flags and Banners page if you need banners for inside use.