Searchlights & Lighting

Searchlights and Lighting are a great way to draw attention to your location and can be seen all through town!

Below are just a few examples of searchlights »


Available for rent or purchase, searchlights are a great way to bring attention to your night-time celebration, event or sale. Available in a variety of options including: Single Beam Carbon Arc, Single Beam Portable and 4-beam.


The Novalight is a DMX-controlled, programmable show light that can be used to create a colorful light show in the sky or to spot color an area or building. Fully featured with tilt, pan, zoom, 540® turn, strobe, shutter and full rainbow effects thru the red, yellow, blue, green, purple and white lighting options, the light can be programmed and timed to music.

Specialty & Seasonal Lighting

Outdoor holiday lit displays and rope lighting can be installed at your event location, store location or corporate offices to help create and build that festive holiday feeling.

Architectural and spot lighting will accent your business and make your location stand out when it is least visible to your customers, at night! Increase location and brand awareness!

LED Lighting will be replacing environmentally hazardous neon over the next several years. Providing the same color vibrancy, expanded color options and reduced energy consumption, LED is the right choice for advertising and retail window signage.